Data Scientist at Synthetic Genomics Joe Liang discusses how data science is playing a crucial role in disease prediction.

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You need the future, data science, because it will affect all of science.


Data science is the process which gets from large sets of information insights into the phenomena the events that produced that information cause. Or, data science is finding trends in information and their causes.


This century burst with technology – computers off which to work without leaving one’s room, touch-screen phones with facial recognition and semi-professional cameras, autonomous cars and potentially soon hoverboards  – and this had trailing it innumerable ways to view the world, prominently being through data. Gathering it has often been near free; e.g. cajoling, with small rewards, website visitors to give their names and email (for security and authenticity) and do a swift survey, or calling then for five minutes polling them. These are easy, data collection is, too. The only issues a data collector could have is dealing with the lies of those he surveyed, and if the data set is specific, finding the representative data. You, therefore, have an economic, efficient, and efficacious method of detecting alternate symptoms which relate to certain illnesses over thousands of patients, researching the workings of unknown genomes by noting trends, predicting the overall factors that lead to success, and so on.


Data science will weave into and benefit every science field, so learn it now to be sure of and commercialize your science quick.