If you’re angling for a career in the biotechnology sector, whether from university or from another role in life sciences, your prospects are excellent.

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Biotech is booming, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. From 2014 until 2024 these following jobs in biotech will be growing, in terms of the number there are and average earnings of each.


Microbiologist: Antibiotics is a major industry, because humans must deal, daily, with bacterial, viral, and parasitic micro-organisms. So, there will be growth in the need of the scientists which can monitor those organisms, particularly a growth of four percent from 2014 to 2024.


Laboratory Scientists and Technicians: The diagnostics industry expands, and so will the industry that will have to carry out the experiments to test those diagnoses, mainly laboratory scientists. This sector will grow by 16 percent, so if you’re a life science graduate that likes the lab, this is sector is perfect for you.


Biophysicists and Biochemists: If you wish to study the normal biological mechanisms of daily life as they relate to physics or chemistry, being a biophysicist or biochemist is for you. This industry is expected to grow up to eight percent, so you likely will not lack a job, if you actually have a passion for it. And the places you would work in would usually be universities, colleges, pharmaceutical manufacturers and so on.