An entrepreneur whose business plan includes seeking growth capital for a growing business — perhaps after initial self-funding or obtaining seed capital from family and friends — should be aware of the business and legal attributes an experienced “sophisticated investor” will look for. Regardless of whether the investor is an angel, an angel group, a …

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Do YOU want to become an investor? Of course you do, because if you invest right, you may become financially set for life. Not only that, by investing, you can support the science industries you wish to, in the science industries that interest you. The article here on WestFairOnline explains how to traverse investing, with success.

Before entering investing, choose the industry and become an expert in it. This expertise will give you an invaluable inside perspective.


As said in the article, “the sophisticated investor will have evaluated hundreds of opportunities, achieved liquidity in some, but also written off others as failures. This investor knows the key markers of a business equipped to grow sustainably.” Before you meet with entrepreneurs you must determine the potential of each business so as not to waste time.


Then, after the business meeting, you must check the business plan of the whole business, its transactions, the reviews of it, and so on. As you go deeper into analyzing the business, you must analyze their management team. Are these people competent? Will they use your money as a true businessman would, without any waste?


What’s their ownership structure, patent(IP) portfolio, governance quality, and so on? This article explains all you will need to do to become a sophisticated investor.