Physician Finder

Physician Finder is a smart, yet simple solution for hospitals, clinics, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The Physician Finder tool allows you to showcase your physicians and their unique abilities – thereby driving more patients to your organization, or to your services or products. With advanced functionality, Physician Finder allows patients to search your database of physicians and their practices – directly from your website.

  • Increasingly, health consumers are seeking expert clinicians who are trained in special procedures, offer unique services or are affiliated with a particular organization.
  • Correspondingly, clinicians seek to connect with consumers who can benefit from the services offered at their clinic or hospital.

This is where Physician Finder can come in with its smart, yet simple solution for finding physicians:

Integrated Easily integrates with CRM systems such as, Oracle, and SAP
Cost Effective Physician Finder will not break the bank! It is affordable and provides a medical professional listing that is not only complete but also easy for the physicians to use.
Analytical Advanced global analytics provides actionable data, which is reported regularly to the physician for their practices, to sales management for their territories, and to corporate marketing by detailed segments.
Modular Plug & Play service that can be swiftly added to any website.
Social Increase interaction and customer retention on your website.
Powerful Most powerful physician locator on the market today.