Leads 2 Sales


The Leads2Sales Program™ is designed to support the marketing and sales arm of life science, healthcare and consumer products organizations in implementing Lead-to-Revenue Management programs that include:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Integrated Prospect Nurturing
  • Sales-Ready Leads

The Leads2Sales Program™ “bridges a gap” between lead generation activities (e.g., trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, and email campaigns) and selling activities (e.g., closing the deal) – delivering you more hot leads.

With our revolutionary Leads2Sales automation tools, deep industry expertise, and cost-effective programs, everyone from small to medium-sized businesses can afford a program, and reap substantial positive results.  In fact, companies that use Lead-to-Revenue Management and prospect nurturing systems see:

  • 107% better lead conversion
  • 40% greater average deal size
  • 20% higher team attainment of quota
  • 17% better forecast accuracy

(Aberdeen Group, June 2012)

Health Connexions™ works only with life sciences, health care and consumer products organizations, so we have deep knowledge and first-hand experience. With our turn-key lead generation services that generate qualified sales-ready leads, we can help you:

  • Increase overall sales, both for new and repeat customers
  • Shorten your sales cycle by 50% or more
  • Increase deal sizes
  • Increase sales quota achievement rates
  • Lower the cost per lead
  • Lower overall sales and marketing costs across the company
  • Increase alignment of sales and marketing teams

Based on our industry knowledge and our Leads2Sales automation tools, we have a high degree of confidence you can see sales increases of 10% to 30% in 6 to 9 months using our complete system.

In short, we harness our in-house scientific and marketing knowledge and expertise, along with the Leads2Sales marketing and sales automation software. This enables us to deliver a complete lead generation managed service that can help life sciences, health care and consumer products organizations manage the entire sales and marketing process – and generate sales-ready leads.

The system we have created provides an integrated sales and marketing methodology which delivers a complete process from targeting, engaging, nurturing, and qualifying a potential customer, to generating highly qualified sales leads.

Health Connexions takes the complete marketing process for our clients and, with our Leads2Sales program, delivers sales-ready leads into your CRM. We become your fully automated marketing service, with an integrated and quantifiable sales and marketing approach for you, as our client.

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