Ground-Breaking Innovation to Change the Way Companies Recruit

Please watch this exclusive webinar on the “RoleFit Survey: A Brand-New, Ground-Breaking Innovation to Change the Way Companies Recruit.”

  • Are you spending tons of time and money trying to recruit employees, and still not hiring quality workers?
  • Are you tired of spending hours on end manually going over applicant resumes?
  • Is your company looking to optimize your existing workforce, as well as find new employees that will enhance your company’s profitability and productivity?


RoleFit Survey is the solution to all of these issues — and is “the future” of recruitment for new employees!

The RoleFit Survey is an easy-to-use survey for both sides — the job applicant and the employer! The job applicant fills out a 10-12 minute survey with questions that are job-specific and competency-based. The RoleFit Survey then processes their answers.

The RoleFit Survey tool then shows the complete list of all applicants’ rankings, along with a detailed report on high-ranking candidates, all in LESS THAN 1 MINUTE.

Too good to be true? Want to know more about the RoleFit Survey?

Please join us in our exclusive webinar to get a more in-depth look at how the RoleFit Survey works, as well as customer testimonials and how this will help you identify the best candidates – FAST!

Still not convinced? Here are more features of the RoleFit Survey!

The RoleFit Survey is able to provide accurate information regarding numerous competency areas which can help in early leadership identification, career pathing, mentoring and coaching, employee engagement and satisfaction, and much more!

Gary Melling
Ascentii (RoleFit Survey)
 Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
Healthy Business Connexions

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