Health Connexions™ Introduces XCite Health: EHR Software to Empower Pediatric Patients and their Families

Health Connexions™ is proud to introduce Xcite Health as a client. Xcite Health’s pediatric Electronic Health Record (EHR) and comprehensive office management system provides a new method of healthcare management in the pediatric field.

Xcite Health’s EHR has a unique touch-based screen. Pediatricians can optimize their time and billing by streamlining patient record-keeping and scheduling. This will save countless hours for pediatricians, who spend much of their time engulfed in paperwork, instead of seeing patients. Physicians can now give each pediatric client the attention they deserve.

Xcite Health’s EHR stands out from other similar products in it’s customizability to each physician’s office. The workflow engine allows pediatricians to practice medicine the way they want to practice medicine.

Xcite Health provides top-notch services to empower pediatric practices so they can get back to doing what they do best – providing the best patient care.