Healthy Business Connexions™ Announces Partnership with Body1 to Advance its Innovative System to Help Patients Find a Doctor

Disruptive New Physician Finder Technology Improves Access to Optimal Health Care

The Physician Finder System, developed by Body1, allows physicians to highlight their specific abilities and specialties so patients can find the right physician for their needs. The system allows patients to search a database of practices and physicians who are near them, to identify who can perform the specific medical services they require.

Body1 is a medical software firm based in Harvard Square, which provides revenue-generating digital platforms for medical marketing and education. The new product, the Physician Finder System, was created in an attempt to streamline the process of finding a new physician. Patients have found Physician Finder easy and convenient to use; it is accessible via desktop or mobile devices, and has extra features such as maps and driving directions. Physician Finder can also relay inquiries and other messages to physicians, practices and clinics in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

At the present time, the Physician Finder System has a database of over 140,000 physicians in more than twenty countries. In order to improve access to optimal business, Physician Finder needs more and more physicians and clinics to join the system. Thus, Body1 has partnered with Healthy Business Connexions, who will help to advance this innovative system to a larger audience of medical firms and patients.

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