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Market research is critical to the success of your business … you need to capture, analyze and use these insights to engage best with your customers or employees to improve their ongoing experience with your organization, its products, and its services.

Your customers don’t want to be ‘targeted’ as an audience — they want to feel connected with you and what you have to offer. Our depth of experience and knowledge in the healthcare space will ensure that the insights which are produced … are actionable for your business.

Your goal is to win greater acceptance … a larger market share … more loyal patients … more satisfied customers … evangelical supporters of your organization’s brand …

Through the application of the right methodologies, we provide the insights you need to create a powerful and effective communication program.

Our team is multi-faceted and very talented … call us to learn more about which of these tools would be right for your business issues … to help you adapt to the changing landscape in healthcare.

Social Media Research

  • Study the actual SENTIMENT, and the range of sentiment
  • Consider the impact of 3500 pre-validated variables …
    • ‘Narrowed down’ to the 1000 variables that MATTER MOST to you
    • Category-specific variables such as symptoms, ailments, waiting times, levels of service, etc.
    • Can provide ‘box scores’ … or a continuous scale
  • Verbatims are validated by a sophisticated, well-tested software system
    • A sub-set of verbatims are validated in a blinded fashion, by humans – providing enhanced reliability

All of this gives you Social Media Market Research , not Social Media Monitoring … taking you forward to a ‘new frontier’ in how you manage the health of your organization, products or services.

  • Focus groups
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Opinion Leader identification and mapping
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Industry Phone and Web-Based Surveys
Data Analytics
  • Clinical practice patterns
  • Physician level data
Secondary Research
  • Competitive Profiling & Mapping
  • Market Segmentation and sizing
  • SWOT Analysis

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