A delegation from Manchester is heading to the US to showcase the city’s strength in the life sciences sector.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.medicalplasticsnews.com

“The Health Innovation Manchester delegation will attend The MedTech Conference in San Jose today and tomorrow to highlight the potential partnerships that exist thanks to the investment of £6 billion into the city’s health and social care devolution. The delegation will also visit the Bay Area in California and the Greater Boston Area in Massachusetts to see America’s leading health innovation economies.”


Today, we need more life sciences graduates, who could contribute more to the field by starting life sciences businesses and doing more research, all of which boost the productivity and output of cities and countries. This leads us to what Richard Leese is quoted in the article as saying.


“Richard Leese, leader, Manchester City Council, said: ‘Greater Manchester is steeped in a history and reputation for innovation. From the industrial revolution to computer science and the recent isolation of graphene, the North of England has always had a pioneering spirit. With the strength of our world-class universities in medical research, and having the UK’s first integrated health and social care system, Greater Manchester is a highly-attractive business destination for US companies.’”


To bring about those graduates, research, and businesses, more cities could adopt this entrepreneurial spirit, attracting investors, like other areas such as Boston and the Bay Area in California. Although the article doesn’t say it explicitly, Manchester has realized ways to attract investment.


What a City Could Do to Attract More Investment

  • A city could first build a reputable university. These universities attract the best academic talent. This talent attracts a greater amount of investment.
  • It could also make itself a comfortable and affordable place to live or stay for students, families, and researchers.
  • And, the city could create incentives to give people that entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. When the people have that, the city will thrive, and investors, like birds to mating calls, will come in droves.