Robots will begin replacing teachers in the classroom within the next ten years as part of a revolution in one-to-one learning, a leading educationalist has predicted.

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Robots are the future of teaching, although they won’t replace teachers, completely.


Inspirational robots, as they are called, have already come to the west coast. And ‘it’s already beginning to transform schools,’ said Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. These robots will be able to detect facial features, movements, interests, dislikes, and much more from each student. From then on it will create work for that student that is not easy, not hard, but challenging enough to keep the student engaged, learning, and excited for the next session. These seem to be very revolutionary piece of biotech, and it seems they will be highly lucrative, if all goes well.  First was hunting/gathering, second organized sharing of knowledge, third the invention of printing, and the fourth revolution will be this, the adaptation of technology to teach humans.


Sir Seldon expands: “You’ll still have the humans there walking around during school time, but in fact, the inspiration in terms of intellectual excitement will come from the lighting-up of the brain which the machines will be superbly well-geared for.

“The machines will know what it is that most excites you and gives you a natural level of challenge that is not too hard or too easy, but just right for you.”


What’s the point, to inform you of the next possible major breakthrough so you can prepare yourself. You may want to invest into it, or send your kid to one of those schools.