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<h3 class="heading_info">Facebook Infographic 1</h3> <p class="text_info">It's easy to illustrate the importance of utilizing Facebook in establishing your business's online presence, with such a high volume of users it's simply a matter of finding your target audience and marketing to them.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Facebook Infographic 2</h3> <p class="text_info">One only needs to see the statistic that almost a quarter of the world's population uses Facebook to understand the importance in utilizing social media in any subsequent marketing efforts, at this point it’s even surpassed the old (tv, newspaper, billboard) ad formats in relevance and results.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Mobile Phones Infographic</h3> <p class="text_info">Whenever you're marketing online, one of the primary questions that should be kept in mind at all times is "will this also be mobile friendly?" In fact, nowadays more people find themselves browsing on a mobile device then on a computer, mobile optimization is among the most essential steps any online marketer can make towards achieving the highest optimal results for their campaigns.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Instagram Infographic 1</h3> <p class="text_info">Instagram became the third social media platform to reach the one billion active users milestone (after Youtube and Facebook). Of that number, roughly half use Instagram daily and users are spending even more time on Instagram now, due largely in part to Instagram Stories.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Instagram Infographic 2</h3> <p class="text_info">Instagram may not have as many users as Facebook but it has the highest engagement rate out of any social media platform and returns the best results in terms of cost and ROI.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Instagram Infographic 3 </h3> <p class="text_info">Whether you’re marketing to men, women or both, Instagram can be an invaluable platform when it comes to social media marketing. If you’re trying to grow brand awareness, Instagram is essential.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Digital Content Consumption Infographic</h3> <p class="text_info">Nowadays, people’s attention spans are such that they’re typically no longer invested enough to just stare at the TV for hours on end, now they have to look at their phones every so often, such as to check social media. This serves as a reminder to make sure your content easily grabs viewer’s attention and can be fully digested as quickly as possible.</p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Twitter Infographic</h3> <p class="text_info">As a new business owner Twitter is perhaps the best social media site to establish your expertise in your field. By frequently tweeting out insights and tips you’re not only demonstrating your knowledge to the consumers but you’re also giving out great content to your followers many of whom will then retweet it thus spreading your message around and inevitably gaining you more followers. </p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>
<h3 class="heading_info">Youtube Infographic</h3> <p class="text_info">Youtube is used by over a billion people worldwide of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life; videos are constantly being watched and shared on social media from computers, mobile devices and more. </p> <a href="" class="download-image" download>Download here</a>