Being stifled by machinery agendas and rigid dictating modes, the world is inching towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated business strategy. With reference to the marketing research from Forrester, nearly 90% of marketers are adopting AI for their business to bounce up.

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AI technology utilizes computer analysis and programming to apply human intelligence in learning, autocorrection and reasoning. While having AI assimilated into business has been ubiquitous in recent years, there are a few tactics on the horizon. Below are six ways for AI to work in tandem with your business in this year.


1. Tailor-made insights


An up-to-date resources allocation strategy is vital for your business to encounter new challenges and grow from previous experience. But how can you optimize your budget to succeed in a competitive industry? With AI’s computer algorithms, predictive trajectory for your business can be upgraded to an automated decision-making. Moreover, with its algorithmic bases, a higher transparency on your business judgment can also be demonstrated to your customers, establishing a trust-bond as well as promoting a professional appearance.


2. Supply chain automation


Manual processing was crucial for your business characterization, but it’s not ideal for more complex tasks. An automation could significantly provide you with precision. In fact, here are some of the most prevailing processing you should invest in: natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA) and deep learning technology. These technologies ground your business automation with manual knowledge in application for specific business enhancement.


3. Mobile continuous to be in vogue


Apps and webpages (with mobile specific layouts) remain the key medium for modern business promotion, presentation, and connection. How can we strike an equilibrium between our ideal comprehensive business content and user-friendly attractiveness? With AI assimilated into business to handle the complexity with full use of applicable transition and transversion, such as “real-time” features, this assimilation would not only serve as a platform for the incoming tide of new entrepreneurial success but also favor ROI (return on investment) for your company.


4. Strengthening customer communication


Building and sustaining a satisfying connection with customers has always been the biggest challenge for business, especially those in B2C nature. How can we maintain a strong bond at all times? AI assimilated into business through communication platform unlocks doors to unconventional yet decent customer experience (CX) strategy, e.g. AI live chat with no more boring and dull “model answers”. AI-CX will undoubtedly favor engagement presentation and build or re-build your trust-bond with potential customers.


5. Developing your business – Recruitment


To search for a candidate that benefits you and grips you, AI employs sophisticated technology to help you preserve money and time. Most importantly, AI combined recruitment allows matching with biometric and psychometric analysis of concrete tonal and micro-expressions of your potential candidates. You do not want your competitor, rather than you, to hire the best candidates currently in the job market.


6. Secure your business network


Cyber security remains a radical concern for every business internet development with reference to the exponential rate of growing attacks. It is remarkable that AI technology is applicable for both cyber-attack and defense. With reference to the surging of robust attacks, rudimentary protection would be far too porous to guard your business.


The above six ways AI assimilated into business are trending for 2019 and the coming future. AI does not demonstrate a manual-work replacement trend but, rather, a business remodeling with AI. Note that AI is not infallible, as technology is dependent on its resolution limit, while a limit breakage significantly nourishes growth and improvement for a high-quality business. To find out more about how AI assimilated into business in 2019, visit the source at the Forbes website.


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