This article discusses how to write a professional article in compliance with the SEO Terms and Conditions. Writing an article that is subject to the rules of SEO is important in producing search results and reaching the page or first result in Google and other search engines. By following the suggestions made in this article, you will learn how to write an article compatible with SEO.

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In order to write an SEO-compliant article, you first have to differentiate between the two SEO types. Search engine optimization is divided into:


On-Page SEO-


On-page SEO is the type of SEO that relates to configuring your pages for search engines, for example, by paying attention to titles or page loading speed, etc., which is related to the article and the way to make the article top the search engines.


Off-Page SEO-


Off Page SEO is the type of SEO that relates to what you do outside your site to improve your search engine ranking, such as looking for ways to bring Backlinks to your site, or promoting your site through social media pages.


So to write an article that is compatible with the terms of search engine optimization, we must follow some conditions and rules and apply these rules when writing every article you want to top the search engines, or reach the first result in the search results.


1. Put keywords in the title of the article and its beginning


The title of the article is an important element when writing a professional article, and for this you must choose a wonderful title that accurately describes what your article. It is recommended to be between 55 to 65 characters.

Also try to make your article’s keyword appear at the beginning of the title.


Search engines give great importance to the beginning of the title during the archiving process, so including the keyword at the beginning of the title of your article can have a significant effect. To know more about choosing keywords visit the source information at the Mobidea website.


Also try to guess the words and phrases the user will use to search for your article and put your address as if the researcher would type it in Google; this will encourage the researcher to click on your article and thus increase the percentage of the CTR.


 2. Description Meta Tag.


The meta code for the description is a very important code that appears at the bottom of the title in the search results. You must put a description for each article you have that does not exceed 160 characters.


Therefore, you must pay attention to the article’s description, and as we said, this description appears under the article’s title in the search results, so it should contain the keywords for your article that Google shows in bold.


3. Your article contains an H1 tag or code.


Your article should contain one H1 tag and your article’s title should contain the keywords.


4. Make a study of the keywords related to your article.


Keywords are the primary factor for writing a professional search engine optimization-compliant article, so making a keyword study is important when writing the article.


There are many ways you can get keywords.

The best way to get keywords is Google, when you type the keyword in the search bar, Google filters and displays keywords similar to the word you entered.


The beautiful thing here is that Google does not filter any keywords unless it has searches, and therefore includes visitors from those keywords.


When you write the keyword in your article, you can write it in bold font, which gives importance to this word for search engines.


5.The number of words for your article must not be less than 600 words.


Search engines prefer long articles, as those articles are supposed to be useful and contain information that will ultimately benefit the user, so you need to thoroughly cover the topic you are talking about.

It is also preferable that the article not be less than 600 words, and of course it should not repeat speech.


6. Add the alt feature to the images.


Adding pictures to the article is very useful especially when these images express what you are talking about, but you have to add the alt feature to the images in order for the search engines to understand that image.

Search engines cannot read images and understand what they contain or what they express, and here comes the importance of the Alt feature as this feature gives search engines the necessary information about what the image contains.


7. Use an easily readable font.


In order for your article to be readable, you must choose a good font and a suitable size for this font, neither large nor small. Try to find a font that is suitable for your content and simple at the same time.


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