Targeting visitors from certain countries is very important for you to get visitors interested in what your website offers, and this is achieved through targeting your visitors and determining their exact location. In this article we address the importance of defining the target country for the site, along with the most important ways to target visitors in specific countries using SEO and its various techniques.

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There are many sites that provide a set of services that target a specific region or country or provide content that interests visitors in that country. When running this type of site, you need to target visitors from this region only, without entering into competition with sites targeting other countries without success. In this article, we will explain the importance of targeting and how to target visitors from certain countries through SEO technologies.

The importance of determining the target country for the site

Most of the sites on the web are websites for companies or websites that sell products like electronics. These type of sites need to target only a specific region and link the site to the same region. For example, a site that wants to sell its products inside Egypt must target only Egypt, so visitors from other countries will not benefit.

Also, the results of Google differ from one country to another according to Google’s vision of the relevance of this topic to the user’s geographical location. An example of this occurs when writing the word “banks” in the search engine. A user from Germany will see German banks in their search results, but when an Italian user writes the same word in the search engine, they will see Italian banks in the results.

The international targeting factor is especially important for generating visitors’ interest in your site field. However, if you want to direct your site to several countries, do not use any geographic identification so as not to lose visitors from other countries. This approach fits general and news sites that target many countries.

Ways to target visitors from specific countries through SEO technologies

SEO is the science of search engine marketing and of making a site compatible with search engine algorithms, which means that the sites in the first results of the search engine appear first if they have words that are relevant to the site niche.

Among the services that SEO specialists provide is targeting visitors from specific countries who are expected to be interested in the site’s content to increase the number of site visitors and achieve its goal, whether it is to increase sales or profit from ads or provide services. Here are the most important ways to target visitors from specific countries through SEO techniques.

1. By stretching the domain

The domain is a very influential factor in the search results and when choosing an extension for the domain specific to a specific country such as the United Kingdom of the United States. It facilitates your visibility to visitors, instead of expanding the circle of competition with many sites. To know more about domain extensions and how to it helps you, visit the source of this information at the ShoutMeLoud website.

2. Using Webmaster Tools

You can tell Google about the country you are targeting through your account on Google Web Master Tool. To choose the target country, enter your Google Web Master account and choose the site you want to specify its targeting. From the side menu click on search visits, then international targeting. From the box provided choose the country you want to target.

3. Via Google Business

One of the factors that you can target visitors from certain countries is linking your geographical location to the target country through a Google business account or Google Places. This ensures that the location of your company appears when searching on the map within the target country.

4. Through content related to events inside this country

When targeting a specific country, you must provide content related to that country and use the dialect prevailing in this country. You can also research the most popular topics in the target country through Google Trend and specify the name of the target country. You will then see the most important topics that concern people.

5. By getting links from sites inside this country

It is very important to have backlinks pointing to your site from sites within the target country, and the links to your site should end with the extension for that country. This makes your site closely linked with this country.

These five techniques are the most prominent ways to target visitors from certain countries through SEO technologies to achieve the largest number of visitors beneficial to you and your site. These ways also allow you to narrow your site’s circle of competition with global sites without interest.

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