Maintaining a strong online presence is the most powerful way to attract customers in the modern business market. There are specific ways to manage a website that not only communicates your business’s services to potential customers, but that is also attractive, high speed, and well ranked in Google so that people will choose your business over your competitors. This article explains five easy steps that will help you on your way to maintaining a professional online presence.

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As a service provider, there are multiple benefits to having a strong online presence. It can help target customers, differentiate products and services, and drive overall sales development and business growth. According to CommsAxis, “Having and maintaining a strong professional online presence as a service provider is a two-way street – basically, its goal is to communicate with your target market. By communicating, you don’t only send the message, you also open a channel to receive their feedback about your brand and services.”

These five easy steps will help you on your way to maintaining a professional online presence as a service provider in order to increase your customer pool and speed up long term growth.

1. Monitor your website by checking site speed, content, contact information, and the overall design for aesthetics and ease of use. This will make your website more attractive to potential customers, as well as decreasing the chance that your clients will click away in favor of an easier to use or more efficient site. Links to social media profiles and a sign-up form can quickly elevate the value of a website as well.

2. Promote your website through off-page SEO by posting your blogs on social media, claiming your website on online listings such as yelp, email marketing, networking, and posting on relevant forums. Online reviews help your business cultivate a reliable reputation.

3. Establish a professional image on social media. Maintaining a social media presence can be a great way to reach out to a wide base of consumers, especially if your target audience is millennials. It also allows you to connect directly to customers with issues and questions, before they post a negative review of your services.

4. Provide social proof so that customer recommendations work in your favor. Testimonials, case studies and success stories can all increase your brand awareness. These can be posted on your website or managed on another site, such as Yelp.

5. Provide efficient and quality service so that customers who support your brand will improve your bottom line in the long run. Then, they might even tell their friends about your business, creating more customers in the future. To learn more about how online listings can create quality service, read the source article at the Comms Axis website.

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