one of a kind system ROLEFIT SURVEY

Healthy Business Connexions have partnered with Ascentii™ to offer their unique RoleFit Survey™.

list of all applicants for a vacant job position within minutes of the job posting closing.

how can you utilize the RFS

Recruiting candidates is as easy as integrating the RoleFit Survey on your website, as well as multiple advertising on multiple online job boards (LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc.). The RoleFit Survey also works in conjuntion with any Applicant Tracking System and is delivered via the Cloud.

Here’s how it works!

How RFS works

A control panel is used to rank order all job applicants by job suitability, and a Comparative Output Report is generated. Displaying the fit of each applicant.

The RoleFit Survey typically only costs pennies per applicant, and can save an employer 30% to 80% of the time and costs associated with resume-reading and applicant screening. The RoleFit Survey makes it easy for a recruiter to select the high-potential applicants to interview in just under a minute.

The RoleFit Survey can become a critical component of your success! Contact us at Healthy Business Connexions to learn more.