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Lead Generation

Are you having a hard time getting more sale leads or aren’t getting any at all?

If this is the case then you are amongst the 68% of businesses that are facing struggles with lead generation. The good news is: our experts can help you find the best lead generation strategy for your company.

Getting More Leads – Best Practices

New customer acquisition is the lifeblood of many businesses, but it can be frustrating. Comprehensive lead management strategies need to be developed to maximize lead value and bring order and efficiency to the top of the marketing funnel. The end result of which is SALES.

Such strategies emphasize quality, precision, and the increased probability of conversion. Well-executed lead management strategies can produce significant savings, reduce time spent in the funnel, and bring sales and marketing into closer coordination – all of which results in increased revenue!

Include all demand-generation stakeholders

It cannot be stated strongly enough:  lead management is not the exclusive responsibility of the marketing organization. Involving the entire demand-generation chain so the full team participates, from the first strategic planning session then continuously throughout the whole process, will enhance your success.

  • Everyone in the lead management process must be consulted and informed about their responsibilities. Sales must be included on many levels, from inside sales reps to strategic account managers who will want to get high-scoring, high-value leads into their pipelines quickly.
  • Marketing via content nurturing processes should also be considered part of the lead management system, and defined and maintained alongside the other steps in the prospect cycle.

      Watch, listen, and adjust

      Lead generation is a continuous cycle, and the lead management process must also be viewed as a thriving, ongoing process, which requires attention and adjustment to suit changing business conditions and market signals.

      • The success of the lead management operation should be evaluated on at least a monthly basis, with metrics designed and agreed upon by all stakeholders.
      • Lead and campaign management solutions will provide constant updates on basic statistics such as email open and click through rates. Watch these indicators carefully, and do not be afraid to make rapid changes if a campaign is falling flat before your very eyes. Today’s marketing tools provide the flexibility to change tactics on a dime – use that flexibility to your advantage.
      • Existing customers, as well as those ending their relationship with your organization, can provide tremendously valuable feedback to the lead management team. Face up to what your customers tell you is wrong with your business, and use it to design a better customer experience for new arrivals.