Jane Osbourn, vice president of Research and Development at MedImmune, shares her experience and insight regarding biotech entrepreneurship. Her main piece of advice relates to risk and reward and the direct connection between the two in entrepreneurship. She goes on to note that successful business endeavors hinge on taking risks and expanding and that an entrepreneur’s biggest struggles are internal.


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Jane Osbourn is the vice president of Research and Development for BioSuperiors at an AstraZeneca company called MedImmune and shares her experience and insight regarding biotech entrepreneurship. She also manages the MedImmune campus in Cambridge, she is the chair of the UK’s Bioindustry Association, and at Cambridge Enterprise, she is a board director of Babraham Bioscience Technologies. Clearly, Osbourn is an experienced networker in the health and sciences field. She recently shared the following advice for anyone else with a career in the life sciences.


First, Osbourn says that small risks will pay off when one is focused on their research: “Great science is an entrepreneurial endeavor, and any great entrepreneur will tell you that when you’re pursuing a new venture, risk and reward go hand in hand; development of a potentially lifesaving medicine is no different,” she says. She recommends to not be afraid of failure or of taking risks when it comes to entrepreneurship. After all, this is part of the process. She recommends making educated risks when it comes to entrepreneurship. 


Jane Osbourn speaks further about intelligent risk-taking by noting that this can make or break a new business venture. For example, someone could be highly intelligent and successful, but unlikely to branch out into a new industry, or to develop new technology. Because that person is afraid to take these small and calculated risks, they are not likely to be well-known, and they’ll be dispensable to their clients because they are only replicating the services that many other corporations can provide.


Finally, Osbourn notes that the biggest barriers she encountered are internal. To combat them, she started believing in herself and began to pursue what she believed in. It is also important to trust your strengths and never doubt yourself, as this mindset will only hinder you from your making your goals reality.


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