Digital Marketing in Businesses and Life Sciences

Digital Marketing in Businesses and Life Sciences

Digital marketing promotion has become vital in every industry. Businesses and Life Sciences, in particular, are under constant pressure for cost reduction, along with increased efficiency and value. The need for the right digital marketing promotion to impress your target audiences has grown.

Digital marketing for any organization is a fast, cost-effective and powerful mode of communicating with potential clients. It also allows an organization to track, analyze and improve its online campaigns by assessing the results from various communication strategies. Social media also helps an organization track the current trends in the business market.



Do YOU want to be an EXPERT?

This course specializes in delivering the latest digital marketing practices in the business industry. The curriculum has been developed by Dawn Van Dam, CEO and President of two biotechnology and business companies, who has over 25 years of experience in the business industry.

Our curriculum is flexible and laid out in easy terms. If you want to succeed in the world of social media and advanced internet marketing in the business and life sciences sectors, this is the course for you!



This Online Digital Marketing and Advanced Internet Marketing course in business and life sciences can help lead to a career in:

Digital Marketing Communications Specialist

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Media Production

Note: The proposed careers are just a few examples. Our course could lead to many potential careers as the same knowledge is transferable and can be applied within many positions.


Course Outline

Week 1: Key Words/SEO

Week 2: Backlinks

Week 3: Newsletters and Driving People to Your Online Content

Week 4: Article Creation and Marketing

Week 5: LinkedIn and Facebook

Week 6: Press Releases and Video Marketing

Week 7: Twitter and Blogs

Week 8: Strategy, Execution and Communication

This course is very flexible. Each week, a student will complete 1 – 2 hours of learning via recorded webinar, 1 hour via handouts, and 2 hours via a weekly assignment.

Each assignment will be reviewed and scored by our team. Those top three highest-scoring students per quarter will qualify for an opportunity to work with us as interns and earn an Advanced Certificate based on completing the internship with Health Connexions.

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