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Care Management

Everyone in Business is somehow involved in optimizing and trading off the balance between Care Management and Cost Management. Is this one of your highest priorities right now?

But, whether it is Care Management or Cost Management, the approach utilizes rigorous scientific approaches towards solving key business problems, we take an interdisciplinary approach that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and can covers productivity and operations analysis, information systems, financial management, strategic management, managed care, and systems dynamics, as warranted.

Within this environment, it is important to promote systems thinking, as well as addressing policy implications. Providing a single forum for researchers and practitioners of health care services and management, the journal fosters the development and exchange of new ideas and the discussion of important findings in the field. Moreover, it disseminates knowledge rapidly across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Care Management can be directed towards an individual or towards a business system or institution.

For an individual, we often are trying to ensure the proper processes are in place, and the education and monitoring activities are there, to help patients and healthcare professionals manage their health conditions, or maintain or improve their health status.

For those with chronic diseases, this may include helping the patient learn to understand their condition and live with it successfully. Oftentimes, one of the most important tasks is to motivate patients to persist in taking their therapies and/or continuing with the recommended lifestyle modifications, to help them achieve an ongoing quality of life.  Examples include:

  • Patient adherence or compliance programs
  • Cost balancing
  • Employee satisfaction



For an organization, care management often looks at improving patient flow, waiting times, employee participation and engagement and other process improvements.  You may have questions regarding how to optimize appointment scheduling; the best hospital design to maximize efficiency, improve outcomes and minimize costs or improve wait times and improve resource utilization.