Market Research

About us

Health Connexions exists to transform science into commercial success by leveraging its extensive network and uniquely developed collaborative model in consulting, market research, technology evaluations and marketing communications services. The company also provides strategic advisory services for capital raising to fund new innovations, new opportunities, and the growth of established organizations.


Mission Statement 

Health Connexions strives to help healthcare organizations build a stronger online presence through digital marketing solutions to help achieve business goals and grow sales.


Dawn Van Dam, Founder and CEO

Dawn has always brought creativity, passion and innovation to her work. As Founder and President of Health Connexions, her goal is to inspire and connect the world to improve healthcare for all. A graduate of the Wharton School at the university of Pennsylvania, and winner of the Browlee  Award for leadership, Dawn has also been featured in “Women in the Lead”, a book published through the Richard Ivey School of Business. Dawn brings a new level of energy to the task of accelerating the adoption of life sciences and health care solutions. Whether it is her restless and inquiring mind that will not rest until new insights and scientific ideas are uncovered or her driving to identify funding to bring a new healthcare solution to the market, she is continuously sharing and shaping solutions. Her determination and the ability to focus and drive projects is one of her greatest strengths. The word “can’t” simply is not in her vocabulary. She invites you to join in on this incredible journey to accelerate the world’s knowledge regarding new life sciences and health care solutions.


Healthcare Solutions

Are you looking for a way to pull the team together and infuse your thinking with an external, fresh perspective?

Are you struggling to ‘find the time’ to understand your problems from ‘A to Z’ … and consider the breadth of alternative options?

Are you trying to inject some broader industry experience into your plans that may not reside within your organization?

If so, then contact us to meet our team of experienced, dedicated and analytical consultants.

Transforming Science into Commercial Success

Strategic Consulting
Are you looking for a way to pull the team together and infuse your thinking with an external, fresh perspecitive? Our approach is enhanced and accelerated by the fact that we have direct, hands-on experience in working in health care. Our intimate knowledge of the information which is required to both deliver and manage health care is highly relevant for this type of work.

Market Research
Market research is critical to the success of your business … you need to capture, analyze and use these insights to engage best with your customers or employees to improve their ongoing experience with your organization, its products, and its services. Through the application of the right methodologies, we provide the insights you need to create a powerful and effective communication program.

With the rise of social media and digital proliferation, we are entering an Adaptive Marketing era.  The Internet has introduced new marketing media through which brands connect with consumers – with the proliferation of these new tools – change is accelerating every day.

Education & Training
Our process is a collaborative one. We bring together the best and brightest minds from the healthcare community, along with adult education experts, to work with your team to develop programs which target the specific needs and reflect your distinct health issues, while adapting education techniques to the learning environment.

Care & Cost Management
Everyone in healthcare is somehow involved in optimizing and trading off the balance between Care Management and Cost Management. Is this one of your highest priorities right now?

Funds for Science

Funding can often be a barrier to bringing your science to the marketplace. With our expansive network of organizations, we can connect you with an interested organization to fund your initiative and make it a success. If you are interested in collaborating with organizations to support and fund their science or cause, we can connect you with innovative initiatives and R&D.