The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry produces drugs and other products that help people and animals live healthier lives, recover from injuries, and fight illnesses. From its humble origins in local pharmacies and apothecaries that prepared “home remedies” during the Middle Ages, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology (or pharma/biotech) industry has grown into one of the leading industries in the world.

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You’ve graduated from a biotechnology field or in another related to business, management, marketing, law, and such, now you need work, and you would love to find it in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Well, you’re trying to enter one of the best industries to be in right now. It is a world’s leading industry. And if you find the right large, established company, even the starting pay is great, and you become immersed in a culture you’ll love. Working for a promising startup, however, can be an a great for your experience and resume. But how do you choose the right startup?

  • Experience: Find startups started up by those who’ve been in the industry for a time. These are more likely to succeed, as the persons have the experience to make it succeed.
  • Content: Is the product they’re trying to sell of value, could it make profits in the market?
  • Culture: Even if the person running the company is right, they may not be running the company right, which means implementing the right culture. Is it open and congenial and productive?
  • Repute: Do its employees say it’s good, do its former employees do so, too? Are the accounts genuine? If most the reviews are glowing, you don’t need to worry about much, but it’s also good to check the bad reviews and see the complaints others had.

Check these few things, and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect startup.