Craig Stropkay Life Science Consultant Reach for the stars, they said. You should definitely go get your PhD, you’d be great

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A life science Ph.D. opens multiple doors, some of which you are ignorant. Here are the some.

  • Author: Enjoyed and ace English when young, you’ll want to write in it ‘till you’re old. The paths vary, technical, copy, content, news, or book writing. You needn’t do all due to their being specific. Study the minutiae of one, then begin even for free. After boosting your credentials start with small clients and progress up, increasing your demand in pay. Soon you will have a taught network of income.
  • Lawyer: Graduate with a law degree, and with your knowledge of life science, life science companies may beg you to hire you.
  • Saleswoman: You won’t sell, you’ll explain, but that will be to clients, so you will sell, although not . You are the valued expert, fulfill those expectations, you may swim like Donald Duck.
  • Consultant: You gained research skills at graduate school, and your type organizations scavenge for. You’ll analyze the products, comparing, contrasting, summarizing, and reporting, which you likely were doing for papers, and fancying that, you will this.
  • Entrepreneur: Not following these roads, pave your own. Simply obtain a loan, from the bank, friends, or family, or investors. Then, structure your plan and go!

You don’t have only one opportunity, find the many that interest you and choose, and you’ll be commercializing your science.