Google can be an effective instrument it is used correctly, whether you attempt to sell a product or grow your brand. This article will help you learn more the amenities that Google offers and how to increase your chances of achieving marketing success.

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Having an average of 3.5 billions of searches daily, Google is one of the most vital tools for marketing nowadays, as its search results are seen by a large number of people. Here are a few tips that should help you learn more about Google’s services and how you can make the best use of them.


  1. Utilize Google Ads extensions


Besides keywords, which are essential for Google Ads, there are also other ways to market your brand.


“Extensions are a great way to add key descriptive text without taking up space in your actual ad. For example, a location extension can help you gain another coveted spot in Maps, or you can use price extensions to showcase specific services to increase sales.” said Callum Davies, one of the authors of the book “The Must Have Guide to Google AdWords” in an interview.


Considering the number of extensions available, it is easy for the marketers to find the ones that suit best their campaigns, in order to achieve marketing success. According to Google reports, the ads that use extensions improve the clickthrough rate by 10 to 15 percent, and they could also improve the quality score.


  1. Leverage the power of Google Maps


Google Maps can be very helpful, especially for small businesses. By using the map extensions when setting up a My Business account, it is easier for users to discover your business, and there are also higher chances that they will visit it, moving you a step closer to achieve marketing success.


Jet Saini, the CEO of Drip Digital explains: “There are three keys to your maps ranking: distance, relevance, and prominence […] First, Google will factor in your distance from the person conducting the search, as well as how closely your listing matches what they’re looking for. Your prominence then comes into play, based on things like SEO rankings and reviews for your business. To show up on Maps results, you need to provide detailed business information and use strategic location keywords so you can be better optimized for local searches.”


  1. Double down on content production


Although researching which keywords would be suitable and including the best in titles, meta tags and more is a very important step. Constantly posting new quality content is what will make the difference in a long-term SEO and marketing strategy.


The content should be customer-oriented, and it shouldn’t necessarily sell something. It can be an informative article or even an entertaining one, in order to become a reliable source for your customer, and not be just a seller. Moreover, the constant updates of your website will also help you build your authority with Google.


  1. Start (ethically) building quality backlinks


Your SEO rankings can be improved not only by on-site efforts, but also through quality backlinks. By creating quality content, it will also be linked by others on their own websites, therefore becoming a reliable source of information, increasing your brand authority.


Backlinks can also be created by joining high-ranking business directories like MapQuest and Yellow Pages.


However, the trend is to build backlinks by creating relationships and interacting with other users and content-creators. According to marketing expert Neil Patel, once you start interacting with content creators by telling them you enjoyed their article so much  you shareded  it on your website, there is a high likelihood that they will soon do the same. As a result, this will this buildbrand awareness as well as develope key relationships.


Many potential customers will reach you through Google. The use of suitable keywords is essential for the growth and success of the business, but the tips mentioned above should also be followed, as they will only get you closer to success and help you strengthen your brand’s online presence.


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