When entering the world of life sciences meeting management, establish a course of action that works best for you to set yourself up for success.

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For productivity, meetings must be efficient and effective, discussing and resolving all the most essential issues and constructing plans to move forward. Here are tips to get you that type of meeting.


Create a Deviation Log: Get a deviation log. This tracking log gives a comprehensive list of all protocol deviations in the meeting. Employ it to note what actually goes on in these meetings, so you can see where you err and correct yourself the next time. Make it a law to create one per meeting, and then you will always know how the time flies.


Differentiate Guidelines from Laws: The article explains this best, “When you have to balance internal corporate compliance (meeting policy, travel policy, data protection policy, brand requirements, etc.) with country requirements (meal caps, transportation and venue allowance), and Pharmaceutical compliance (ICH transparency requirements), knowing what you must adhere to is the first step to setting your meeting up for success!” If you did not understand, you simply need to understand that they’re not the same and treat them or act towards them accordingly.

Learn the Abbreviations: Do you like when someone forgets your name? No one will like it if you forget the abbreviations and acronyms of other industries.


Do these three things and you will have a better meeting.