Social media marketing can have amazing effects on engaging your audience and extending it, but it can be very challenging if done without previous experience. This article examines how to avoid pitfalls and how to find success in social media marketing.

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Here are some laws that represent the base of social media marketing success and, when followed, will attract customers and make your brand known.


The law of listening


In social media it is not always about making new posts. In fact, it is actually recommended to begin by listening to your audience, getting to know them by reading their content and joining in on their discussions. After completing this step, you will be more prepared to generate content that suits your audience and fully engages it, this way being a step closer to achieving social media marketing success.


The law of focus


In order to have a successful and efficient social media channel, it is better to have specialized content, rather thantrying to tailor content to suit everyone. A focused content marketing strategy is more likely than a broad strategy to succeed.


The law of quality


Quality over quantity also applies in this case. Through your posts you should aim to create connections that last with your audience, therefore it is more successful to have fewer connections that engage with all your posts than to have thousands of connections that engage once and then disappear.


The law of patience


Like all the other good things, social media marketing success and creating quality content takes time. You should be patient while waiting for results to appear, and continue working towards your goals.


The law of compounding


People want to share attractive content not only on the platform it was posted it on, but most likely on other platforms too. Therefore, you should try to generate content that encourages people to spread on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their blogs and so on. This can lead you to greater social media marketing success.


This sharing does not only spread your content on many platforms, but also opens new entry points for the search engines to find it in keyword searches, making it accessible to more people.


The law of influence


As part of your social media strategy, collaborating with online influencers that are interested in your services and open to promoting them can be a great tactic. If you manage to build a partnership with them in which they agree to share your content with their followers, you can have access to a new audience and be able to expand your business, eventually reaching social media marketing success.


The law of value


If you rely only on directly promoting your products, in time, people will stop following you. Instead, you should focus on giving more valuable content, and create partnerships with influencers and other companies, so that they also promote your products. It is often the case that people tend to trust an advertisement more when it doesn’t come from the producer.


The law of Acknowledgment


One of the keys in reaching social media marketing success is to build relationships. Therefore, you should not ignore the persons that contact you and offer you collaborations.


The law of accessibility


For your audience, it is not enough to just publish your content. You have to be available and also get involved in conversations. Even if you disappear only for a couple of weeks, the chances are high that your audience replaces you, so pay attention to how you interact with them.


The law of reciprocity


Considering that you expect the partners to be sharing your content, you should also return their favor and dedicate some of your time online to share their posts.


For a detailed description of these laws, read the original article on the Entrepreneur website.


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