Read this and learn about the mental models that intelligent people, like Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, use to solve unsolvable problems.

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“Consider this example from biologist Robert Sapolsky. He asks, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ Then, he provides answers from different experts.

  • If you ask an evolutionary biologist, they might say, ‘The chicken crossed the road because they saw a potential mate on the other side.’
  • If you ask a kinesiologist, they might say, ‘The chicken crossed the road because the muscles in the leg contracted and pulled the leg bone forward during each step.’
  • If you ask a neuroscientist, they might say, ‘The chicken crossed the road because the neurons in the chicken’s brain fired and triggered the movement.’”

This text from a James Clear article shows how you can think in different ways about one topic. Having this diverse set of ways in which you can see a problem can greatly help you solve these problems, and make breakthroughs in science and money in business. The question is ‘How can you come to think in those different ways?’. Well, the article explains how Richard Feynman came to think of physics in a fresh manner – he read. He didn’t read Dr. Seuss, he read a physics book that none else had. This book changed his whole perspective, causing his view of physics and the world to shift such that he could now solve problems Ph.D. candidates couldn’t. So, reading may be all you need to gain that view that may cause you to revolutionize science, business, and the world.