While technological advancements are aiding companies to conduct more accurate marketing research, methods to building a personal connection with customers are still uncommon. Recently, however, machine learning systems have begun to address this issue. Using emotionally intelligent language, this AI technology attempts to understand the emotional needs of customers and build an emotional connection with them. While companies are able to gain customers after conducting marketing research and reaching out to customers as best as they can, they also need to retain those customers for as long of a term as possible. By building a relationship with customers, companies can gain repeat customers and customer loyalty as are able to build a relationship between the brand and its users.

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With the increased use of technology over the past several decades, marketing has become easier and faster to do in many ways. However, with technological advancements, marketing has also lost its emotional connection to potential customers. Currently, information regarding customers consists only of easily measurable factors such as income, interests, age, and education, among others. This leads to companies being unable to tap into the deeper needs of their customers and connect with them better. Borges,  a business journalist, says “Current data shows it’s still true. When marketers are able to tailor a conversation to a specific customer, that person makes 2.4 times more purchases annually.” According to Aaron Masih, the COO at Persado, which is a successful marketing language cloud, it is still possible to make powerful emotional connection between brands and their potential customers through digital marketing. While there has been a loss of personal marketing due to digital technology, Masih believes that it has also provided solutions. Companies like Persado have created machine learning systems to evaluate responses of customers to certain marketing messages. This helps marketers to identify the particular emotional language individual customers respond to or not. Language can act as an effective tool for companies to learn about their customers and build a relationship with them by forming an emotional connection.

This personalization is done by AI technology that analyzes data and understands the emotional context of purchases being made by buyers. This allows customers to feel connected to their purchases and the brand, hence increasing sales, customer loyalty, and repeat purchases. Not only does this technology aid the company in reaching more customers through gaining a better understanding of their needs, but it is also an improved way for customers to receive exactly what they are looking for in various products and services.

This approach differs from the conventional idea of data consisting of empirical information only. Machine learning systems that bring forth data regarding the emotional tendencies of customers open up a new and expansive field for marketers to study. It will be interesting to observe how highly qualitative data will be translated and analyzed as quantitative data. While there are obstacles in the translation process when it comes to accuracy and legitimacy considering the complexity of gauging emotions, it is highly possible for AI technology to improve this area drastically in the near future. To learn more about this topic, visit the source material at the Vengreso website.

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