Education & Training

Education & Training

Continuing Medical Education

All continuing health education and organizational training in the health care sector is geared, ultimately, towards improving health outcomes.  For your organization, that could be better customer service towards patients, improved understanding of how to utilize a new medication, relationship management or sales training or improving a practitioner’s ability to conduct a differential diagnosis and offer the best treatment for the patient.

All education and training is built on the principles of Adult Education and Learning … and that’s what our team of experts specialize in. The goal is knowledge transfer and application.

Our process is a collaborative one. We bring together the best and brightest minds from the healthcare community, along with adult education experts, to work with your team to develop programs which target the specific needs and reflect your distinct health issues, while adapting education techniques to the learning environment.

Our service areas:

  • Faculty Development: to foster the development of educational leaders involved with training healthcare professionals.
  • Executive Leadership Development: to help individuals become more effective at creating, leading and managing change in the field of healthcare.
  • Continuing Medical/Health Education Programs: to help clinicians enhance their knowledge, skills and experiences in order to improve health outcomes through innovative, interactive, outcome-based learning and courses in clinical medicine.
  • Symposia/Conferences/Customized Courses: to bring together teams of leading medical and scientific authorities to develop programs which provide updates on the latest research and clinical applications in order to respond to the specific local priorities of collaborators around the world.
  • Accreditation: to provide accreditation support for continuing education courses and programs in order to ensure that quality standards are met, to ensure excellence in healthcare education.
  • Consulting: to provide consulting services related to best practices in continuing education and professional development needs assessment, program development, evaluation and accreditation, consistent with delivering outcome-based continuous learning experiences.
  • Event Management: to provide customized event management services for local or international training, development and conference/symposium activities.