Social Media Market Research

Social Media Market Research goes beyond Social Media Monitoring.

Dig deeper. Social Media Market Research provides a tracking survey (one time or continuous) of psychographics, personal interests and purchase habits that will guide your marketing decisions.

In Social Media Monitoring, the negative comments can be ‘balanced out’ by the positive comments. However, in Social Media Market Research, we can do so much more!

Here is a list of what can be done for you … in Social Media Market Research:

Study the actual SENTIMENT, and the range of sentiment, across your brand and/or your competitors:

  • Look at slang, emoticons (happy faces, etc.), abbreviations (LOL, etc.)
  • Include brand or category-specific language
  • Include opinions that are unfiltered for hate, profanity, racism, sexism and other socially undesirable traits
  • Track this information over time … to correlate it to your marketing activities

Consider the impact of 3,500 pre-validated variables … ‘narrowed down’ to the 1000 variables that MATTER MOST for your brand or company

  • Things like purchase intent and trial
  • Ratings on value (“That was so worth it” or “What a great value” or “I got my money’s worth”)
  • Category-specific variables such as symptoms, ailments, waiting times, levels of service, etc.
  • Custom, proprietary variables

Health Connexions has a powerful new tool to dig deeper than has ever been possible before.

Whereas a ‘normal’ 20-minute research survey can get you lots of data … we can turn out a 10-hour survey – or a continuous tracking survey — of psychographics, personal interests and purchase habits that will guide your marketing efforts.

This tool looks at 3,500 variables and millions of voices

  • 95% of messages/verbatims are scored … at lightning speed (versus other systems that only score 50% of verbatims)
  • Can provide ‘box scores’ … or a continuous scale
    • As an example: from extreme hate to extreme love
  • Verbatims are validated by a sophisticated, well-tested software system
    • A sub-set are validated in a blinded fashion, by humans – providing enhanced reliability

All of this gives you Social Media MARKET RESEARCH, not Social Media Monitoring … taking you forward to a ‘new frontier’ in how you manage your brand or company.


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