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Social Media Metrics

Size Isn’t Everything!

This point is similar to the idea of … is it quantity or is it quality?

Social Media Metrics

But, in the case of understanding social media and optimizing your social media metrics, it’s not good enough to just look at the volume of conversations.

If you know that 100,000 people are talking about your product recall … that would not be a surprise … given you had actually just had a product recall! 🙁

Or, maybe your brand or service is just one that ‘everyone’ talks about every day … because it is something that is used very frequently, has a long-standing history or has become a regular part of conversation.

It is important to ‘go beyond’ the numbers … and through enhanced Social Media Metrics (not just monitoring) … look at Sentiment and Passion.

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Twitter Analytics

Twitter represents about 50% of all messages in the Social Media space; however, only 7 to 8% of all people are on Twitter.  So, in your quest to do better Market Research around Social Media, and not just do monitoring (which collects reams and reams of non-actionable data), the key question to ask is … “Is My Data Balanced and Representative?”  What are your thoughts on how Twitter impacts your Social Media analytics?

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Key Opinion Leaders


In health care, in your field of medicine or disease area, as you develop your strategies to make changes or implement healthcare solutions, new products or services, how do you determine:  “What Makes a Key Opinion Leader a KOL?”

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Market Research Services

In healthcare, there are few Market Research Companies like Health Connexions.  We service Life Sciences companies, Health Care institutions and the Government to study every stakeholder … from physicians to patients to employers. 

We have advanced methods in Social Media Market Research, as well as Qualitative and Quantitative Research, supported by Secondary Research or Data Analytics.